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Notes and Communications of 2012

CEAUL 20/12  -   Spatial Joint Analysis of Longitudinal and Survival AIDS Data in Brazil
R. Martins, G.L. Silva e V. Andreozzi
CEAUL 19/12  -   Modelling and Analysis of Disease Incidence Rates by Age-Groups over Regions
G.L. Silva e C.B. Dean
CEAUL 18/12  -   Modelling and Analysis of Forest Fire in Portugal - Part II
G. L. Silva e M. I. Dias
CEAUL 17/12  -   Modelling and Analysis of Forest Fire in Portugal - Part I
G. L. Silva, M. I. Dias, M. Oliveira, S. Marques e J. Borges
CEAUL 16/12  -   A Joint Analysis of Counts and Severity with Zero-Inflated Longitudinal Data
G.L. Silva; E. Juarez-Colunga e C.B. Dean
CEAUL 15/12  -   Additve Survival Models with Shared Frailty
G.L. Silva e M.A. Amaral Turkman
CEAUL 14/12  -   Penultimate Approximations in Statistics of Extremes and Reliability of Large Coherent Systems
Paula Reis, Luísa Canto e Castro, Sandra Dias e M. Ivette Gomes
CEAUL 13/12  -   The Skew-Normal Distribution in SPC
Fernanda Figueiredo e M. Ivette Gomes
CEAUL 12/12  -   R Program to Implement the DPOT Model
P. Araújo Santos e M. I. Fraga Alves
CEAUL 11/12  -   Complementary Report of the Article "Annual Fire Risk Maps: Some Statistical Issues"
Paula Pereira, M.A. Amaral Turkman e K. F. Turkman
CEAUL 10/12  -   Preliminary Analysis of the Forest Fires in Portugal using Point Processes
Paula Pereira e Kamil Feridun Turkman
CEAUL 09/12  -   PORT-estimation of a Shape Second-order Parameter
Ligía Henriques Rodrigues, M. Ivette Gomes, M. Isabel Fraga Alves e Cláudia Neves
CEAUL 08/12  -   Extension of Panjer's Iterative Procedures and Multifractals
Maria de Fátima Brilhante, Maria Ivette Gomes e Dinis Pestana
CEAUL 07/12  -   A Semi-Parameter Estimator of a Shape Second Order Parameter
Frederico Caeiro e M. Ivette Gomes
CEAUL 06/12  -   Extensions of Verhults Model in Population Dynamics and Extremes
Maria de Fátima Brilhante, Maria Ivette Gomes e Dinis Pestana
CEAUL 05/12  -   Philip Glass` Façades - a Case Study on the Complexity of Music Scores
Pedro Pestana e Dinis Pestana
CEAUL 04/12  -   Estudo de Outliers em Dados Forenses - a importância de fragmentos de vidro
Manuela Figueira Neves e Fernando Rosado
CEAUL 03/12  -   A Simple Generalization of the Hill Estimator
Maria de Fátima Brilhante, M. Ivette Gomes e Dinis Pestana
CEAUL 02/12  -   The Generalized Pareto Process, with Application
Ana Ferreira e Laurens de Haan
CEAUL 01/12  -   An Overview and Open Research Topics in the Field of Statistics of Univariate Extremes
Jan Beirlant, Frederico Caeiro and M. Ivette Gomes


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