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Notes and Communications of 2011

CEAUL 20/11  -   Revisiting the Role of the Generalized JackKnife Methodology in the Field of Extremes
M. Ivette Gomes, M. João Martins e M. Manuela Neves
CEAUL 19/11  -   Arrow Plot: a New Tool for the Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles
Carina Silva-Fortes, Maria Antónia Amaral Turkman e Lisete Sousa
CEAUL 18/11  -   Nowcasting Influenza Epidemics using non Homogenous Hidden Markov Models
Baltazar Nunes, Isabel Natário e M. Lucília Carvalho
CEAUL 17/11  -   GFC-Robust Risk Management Under the Basel Accord Using Extreme Value Methodologies
Michael McAleer, Paulo Araújo Santos, Juan-Ángel Jiménez-Martín e Teodosio Pérez Amaral
CEAUL 16/11  -   Multivariate Maxima of Moving Multivariate Maxima
Helena Ferreira
CEAUL 15/11  -   General Stuttering Beta(p,q) Cantor-like Random Sets
Sandra M. Aleixo, Maria Fátima Brilhante e Dinis D. Pestana
CEAUL 14/11  -   Lindenmeyer Systems and the Harmony of Fractals
Pedro Pestana
CEAUL 13/11  -   BetaBoop Brings in Chaos
Maria Fátima Brilhante, Maria Ivette Gomes e Dinis Pestana
CEAUL 12/11  -   Sir Pinski Rides Again
Maria Ivette Gomes, Dinis Pestana e Pedro Pestana
CEAUL 11/11  -   On the Extremal Behavior of a Pareto Process: an Alternative for ARMAX Modeling
Marta Ferreira
CEAUL 10/11  -   Extreme Value Theory in Medical Sciences: Modeling Total High Cholesterol Levels
P. de Zea Bermudez e Zilda Mendes
CEAUL 09/11  -   On Tail Dependence: a Characterization for first-order Max-Autoregressive Processes
Marta Ferreira
CEAUL 08/11  -   Forecasting Value-at-Risk with a Duration Based POT Method
P. Araújo Santos e M.I. Fraga Alves
CEAUL 07/11  -   Stochastic Frontier Analysis: Portuguese Black Scabbardfish Fishery
Nuno Veiga, Ivone Figueiredo e M. Lucília Carvalho
CEAUL 06/11  -   Discrete and Continuous Time Extremes of Stationary Processes
K.F. Turkman
CEAUL 05/11  -   Stuttering Cantor-Like Random Sets
Dinis D. Pestana, Sandra M. Aleixo e J. Leonel Rocha
CEAUL 04/11  -   Adaptive Estimation of Heavy Right Tails: the Bootstrap Methodology in Action
M. Ivette Gomes, Fernanda Figueiredo e M. Manuela Neves
CEAUL 03/11  -   Semi-Parametric Probability-Weighted Moments Estimation Revisited
Frederico Caeiro, M. Ivette Gomes e Bjorn Vandewalle
CEAUL 02/11  -   Estatística Forense com Dados Normais - Uma Abordagem (bayesiana e frequencista) ao estudo de Outliers
Fernando Rosado
CEAUL 01/11  -   Adaptive PORT-MVRB Estimation: an Empirical Comparison of Two Heuristic Algorithms
M. Ivette Gomes e Lígia Henriques-Rodrigues


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