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Notes and Communications of 2010

CEAUL 25/10  -   Estimation of the Extreme Value Index for Randomly Censored Data
M. Ivette Gomes e M. Manuela Neves
CEAUL 24/10  -   Asymptotic Comparison at Optimal Levels of Reduced-bias Extreme Value Index Estimators
Frederico Caeiro e M. Ivette Gomes
CEAUL 23/10  -   Firm Size Distribution under Horizontal and Vertical R&D
Pedro Mazeda Gil e Fernanda Figueiredo
CEAUL 22/10  -   Adaptive Probability Weighted Moments Estimation
M. Ivette Gomes e Frederico Caeiro
CEAUL 21/10  -   Valores de Prova Aleatórios Quando a Alternativa à Uniforme É uma Mistura de Uniforme [0,1] e Beta (1,2)
M.F. Brilhante e D. Pestana
CEAUL 20/10  -   BETICES
Maria de Fátima Brilhante, Dinis Duarte Pestana e Maria Luísa Rocha
CEAUL 19/10  -   Reduced-Bias Location-Invariant Extreme Value Index Estimation: a Simulation Study
M. Ivette Gomes, Lígia Henriques-Rodrigues e M. Cristina Miranda
CEAUL 18/10  -   Refined Estimation of a Light Tail: an Application to Environmental Data
M. Ivette Gomes, Lígia Henriques-Rodrigues e Frederico Caeiro
CEAUL 17/10  -   Interval Forecasts Evaluation: R Programs for a New Independence Test
P. Araújo Santos
CEAUL 16/10  -   Matrices of Local Dependence between Spatial Extreme Events (2nd Version)
Fonseca, C.; Martins, A.P., Pereira, L. e Ferreira, H.
CEAUL 15/10  -   Tail Dependence Between Order Statistics
Helena Ferreira e Marta Ferreira
CEAUL 14/10  -   Regular Variation, Paretian Distributions, and the Interplay of Light and Heavy Tails in the Fractality of Asymptotic Models
Dinis D. Pestana, Sandra M. Aleixo e J. Leonel Rocha
CEAUL 13/10  -   Beta(p,q)-Cantor Sets: Determinism and Randomness
J. Leonel Rocha, Sandra M. Aleixo e Dinis D. Pestana
CEAUL 12/10  -   Adaptive Choice of Thresholds and the Bootstrap Methodology: an Empirical Study
Gomes, M.I., Figueiredo, F. e Neves, M.M.
CEAUL 11/10  -   Discrimination between Parametric Survival Models for Removal Times of Bird Carcasses in Scavenger Removal Trials at Wind Turbines Sites
Regina Bispo, Joana Bernardino, Tiago A. Marques e Dinis Pestana
CEAUL 10/10  -   Modeling Carcass Removal Time and Estimation of a Scavenging Correction Factor for Avian Mortality Assessment in Wind Farms using Parametric Survival Analysis
Regina Bispo, Joana Bernardino, Tiago A. Marques e Dinis Pestana
CEAUL 09/10  -   Uniformity
M. F. Brilhante, M. Malva, S. Mendonça, D. Pestana, F. Sequeira e S. Velosa
CEAUL 08/10  -   The GLE Distributions Family
S. M. Aleixo, M. F. Diamantino e D. D. Pestana
CEAUL 07/10  -   Publication Bias and Meta-Analytic Syntheses
D. Pestana, M. L. Rocha, R. Vasconcelos e Sílvio Velosa
CEAUL 06/10  -   Dynamical Analysis in Probabilistic Models: Random BET (P,2) - Cantor Sets
Sandra M. Aleixo, J. Leonel Silva e Dinis D. Pestana
CEAUL 05/10  -   A Quasi-PORT Methodology for VaR Based on Second-Order Reduced-Bias Estimation
M. Ivette Gomes e Fernanda Figueiredo
CEAUL 04/10  -   Meta-Analytical Issues in Linear Models
D.D. Pestana e J.P. Martins
CEAUL 03/10  -   Combining p-values and Random p-values
M.F. Brilhante, D. Pestana e F. Sequeira
CEAUL 02/10  -   Using Products and Powers of Products to Test Uniformity
Maria Fátima Brilhante, Sandra Mendonça, Dinis Pestana e Fernando Sequeira
CEAUL 01/10  -   On Extremal Dependence: Some Contributions
Marta Ferreira e Helena Ferreira


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