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World of Statistics  

Manuel González Scotto
PhD in Probability and Statistics (University of Lisbon)

Prof. Associado
Department of Mathematics

Manuel González Scotto
  • 1994 - BSc in Probability and Statistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Statis-
    tics, Barcelona, Spain.
    1995 - Degree in Probability and Statistics, Faculty of Science, Lisbon, Por-
    1997 - MSc in Probability and Statistics, Faculty of Science, Lisbon, Portu-
    2001 -PhD in Probability and Statistics, Faculty of Science, Lisbon, Portu-
  • Extreme value theory
    Time series modelling
Other Professional Activities:
  • 1998 Assistant, Department of Statistics and Econometrics, Universidad
    Carlos II, Madrid, Spain.
    2000-01 Assistant, Department of Mathematics, Universidade de Aveiro,
    Aveiro, Portugal.
    2001 - present Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Univer-
    sidade de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal.
Courses Lectured:

  • Undergraduate Courses (in Portuguese)

    Estatística (Spring Semester 2006-2007)
    Bioestatistica (Spring Semester 2006-2007)
    Postgraduate Courses (in Portuguese)

    CFE em Comunicação em Ciência (Fall Semester 2006-2007)
    dados (World95.sav) (World95.xls)
    Séries Temporais e Aplicações (Spring Semester 2006-2007)
    Aula 1 (Literacia Estatística)
    Aula 2 (Econometria Teoria do Risco)
    Aula 3 (Environmental Statistics)
Most recent publications:
  • Monteiro, M., Scotto, M.G. and Pereira, I. (2010). Integer-valued autoregressive processes with periodic structure. J. Statist. Plann. Inference 140, 1529-1541.
  • Scotto, M.G., Alonso, A.M. and Barbosa, S.M. (2010). Clustering time series of sea levels: extreme value approach. J. Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engrg 136, 215-225.
  • Hall, A., Scotto, M.G., and Cruz, J. (2010). Extremes of integer-valued moving average sequences. Test 19, 359-374.
  • Macedo, P., Scotto, M.G. and Silva, E. (2010). On the choice of the ridge parameter: a maximum entropy approach. Comm. Statist. Simulation and Computation 39, 1628-1638.
  • Barczy, M., Ispany, M., Pap, G., Scotto, M.G. and Silva, M.E. (2010). Innovational outliers in INAR(1) models. Comm. Statist. Theory Methods 39, 3343-3362.
Other relevant publications:
  • Scotto, M.G., Turkman, K.F., and Anderson, C.W. (2003). Extremes of some sub-sampled time series. J. Time Ser. Anal. 24, 579-590.

  • Scotto, M.G. (2005). Extremes of a class of deterministic sub-sampled processes with applications to stochastic difference equations. Stoch. Process. Appl. 115, 417-434.
  • Scotto, M.G. and Turkman, K.F. (2005). Extremes of Volterra series expansions with heavy-tailed innovations. Nonlinear Anal.-Theory Methods Appl. 63, 106-122.
  • Scotto, M.G. (2007). On the extremes of a class of non-linear processes with heavy tailed innovations. Nonlinear Anal.-Theory Methods Appl. 67, 2012-2023.

  • Scotto, M.G., Barbosa, S.M. and Alonso, A.M. (2009). Model-based clustering of Baltic sea-level. Applied Ocean Research 31, 4-11.



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