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Carlos José Brás Geraldes
Engenheiro (Eng.)

Técnico Superior

  • Office: 218803075
  • Phone (direct): 218803075
  • Phone (PBX): 218803075
  • Phone: 218803075
  • FAX: 218803073
  • e-mail:

Carlos José Brás Geraldes
  • Licenciatura em Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores - IST
  • Provas de Aptidão Pedagógica e Científica - FCM/UNL
  • Redes Neuronais/Bioinformática
Other Professional Activities:
Courses Lectured:
  • Informática
Most recent publications:
  • Stomach cancer incidence in Southern Portugal 1998–2006: A spatio-temporal analysis
    AL Papoila, A Riebler, A Amaral-Turkman, R São-João, C Ribeiro, Bras-Geraldes, A Miranda
    Biometrical Journal 56 (3), 403-415
  • Generalized linear models, generalized additive models and neural networks: comparative study in medical applications
    AL Papoila, C Rocha, C Geraldes, P Xufre
    Advances in regression, survival analysis, extreme values, Markov processes and other statistical applications, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 317-324
  • Pollen concentrations and emergency department visits for asthma and wheeze in Lisbon
    J Belo, P Carreiro-Martins, AL Papoila, C Geraldes, M Paiva, E Caeiro, R Ferro, M Coelho, P Leiria-Pinto
    ALLERGY 69, 16-16
  • Generalized Additive Neural Networks for mortality prediction using automated and Genetic Algorithms
    C Bras-Geraldes, A Papoila, P Xufre, F Diamantino
    Serious Games and Applications for Health (SeGAH), 2013 IEEE 2nd, 1-8


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