Report of 1999 Activities
A. Scientific organization of the unit
B. Output of the research activities in 1999
  1. Global list of publications of the research team
    1. Thesis
      1. Ph. D. Thesis
      2. M.Sc. Thesis
      3. "Licenciatura" Thesis
    2. Books (author)
    3. Books (editor)
    4. Chapters of Books
    5. Articles in international journals (with referees)
    6. Articles in national journals (with referees)
    7. Communications in Proceedings (with referees)
    8. Other publications
    9. Participation in Conferences (with communication not yet published) and Seminars
  2. List of Ph.D. and M.Sc. dissertations under supervision by members of the team in 1999
    1. Ph.D. Thesis
    2. M.Sc. Thesis
    3. "Licenciatura" Thesis
  3. Organization of Scientific international meetings
  4. Advanced courses
  5. Seminars organized by C.E.A.U.L.