Report of 2000 Activities
B. Output of the research activities in 2000

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3. Organization of Scientific international meetings.

Members of the C.E.A.U.L. have been responsible for the organization of the following international meetings in 2000:

  1. Workshop on on the French Software on Multivariate Data Analysis SPAD, (organised on the scope of the Luso-French Co-operation Programme ICCTI/French Embassy) included in the JOCLAD2000 - VII Jornadas de Classificação e Análise de Dados - Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências de Educação da Universidade de Lisboa and INDEG/ ISCTE, March 2000. The organisers were: H. Bacelar-Nicolau , Otilia Dias, Ana Lorga and José Paredes, among others.
  2. The Euro Conference on Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology (AMCTM 2000), Portuguese Institute for Quality, Monte de Caparica, Portugal, from 10-13 May 2000. M. Ivette Gomes belonged to the International Programme Committee. Information still available at
  3. The 20th International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF'2000), Lisbon, 21-24 June, 2000. Information still available on M. Luisa Canto e Castro (a member of team 5) was a member of the Local Organizing Committee.
  4. Mathematics and Digital Art - Beyond the Third Dimension - Funchal, 2000 (Rita Vasconcelos, S. Mendonça (team 3) belonged to the Organization)
  5. Workshop VALCLASS II: "Validation des Structures de Classification et Extensions des Methodes Hierarchiques", (organised on the scope of the Luso-French Co-operation Programme ICCTI/French Embassy), Paris, France, September 21-22, 2000. H. Bacelar-Nicolau co-responsible for the organisation, with Yves Lechevallier-INRIA, Rocquencourt.

We have also pursued the preparation of the following international meetings to be held in 2001:

  1. The Advanced Workshop on Environmental Sampling and Monitoring, to take place in Estoril, Portugal, from 22 to 24 March 2001. Information available at
  2. The Meeting on Extreme Value Analysis: Theory and Practice, to be held in Leuven, Belgium, from 5-10th August 2001. M. Ivette Gomes (Team 5) belongs to the Programme Committee, and is organizing a session on Computer Intenseve Methods in Extreme Value Theory. Information available at
  3. The European Meeting of Statisticians, one of the most relevant international Conferences in the field of Statistics, to be held in Funchal in August 2001. Information available at Dinis Pestana and Rita Vasconcelos (team nº 3) are the President and Vice-President, respectively, of the Organizing Committee; Sandra Mendonça and Silvio Velosa (team nº 3), M. Ivette Gomes, M. Isabel Fraga Alves, M. L. Canto e Castro and M.I. Barão (team nº 5) and M. A. Amaral Turkman (team nº 6) belong to the Organizing Committee of the Conference. Anthony C. Davison, on the behalf of the Scientific Committee, invited M. Ivette Gomes (team nº 5) to organize a paper session of 110 minutes in Statistics of Extremes, and K.F. Turkman (team nº 6) to organize a session of 110 minutes in Environmental Statistics.
  4. The EMPG2001 - 32nd European Mathematical Psychology Group Meeting - to be held at Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências de Educação da Universidade de Lisboa, September 2001. Organiser: H.Bacelar-Nicolau. The Organising Committee includes three members of team nº 4: H.Bacelar-Nicolau, Ana Sousa Ferreira and Otilia Dias.
  5. The 12th European Young Statisticians Meeting - Slovakia 2001. (Sandra Mendonça, Team 3, belongs to the Organization)

Several members of this Center (all research teams) are also working in the organization of the VIII Annual Conference of the Portuguese Statistical Society, a national conference with a few international invited speakers, to be held in San-Miguel, Azores, from 4 'till 10th November, 2001.

4. Advanced courses.

Team nº Subject Dates Lecturer
1 Análise de Variância Abril 2000 M. Salomé Cabral
3 Amostragem - uma Panorâmica Março de 2000 Dinis Pestana
Planeamento de Experiências Abril de 2000 Dinis Pestana
Probabilidade e Inferência Estatística Março-Junho de 2000 Dinis Pestana
Probabilidade, Probabilidade Condicional e Independência Outubro de 2000 Dinis Pestana
Modelos de contagens e avaliação de abundância de espécies Novembro de 2000 Dinis Pestana
Planeamento de Experiências para a Análise de Erros em Quimiometria Novembro de 2000 Dinis Pestana
Teoria da Probabilidade Outubro-Novembro de 2000 Dinis Pestana
Análise de Dados Setembro de 2000 Dinis Pestana
Métodos não Paramétricos Outubro de 2000 Dinis Pestana
Amostragem Novembro de 2000 Dinis Pestana
Amostragem, Planeamento de Experiências e Análise de Dados Biofísicos Novembro-Dezembro de 2000 Dinis Pestana
4 Hierarchical Clustering Models in a Probabilistic Approach to Classification April 26-30, 2000 Helena Bacelar-Nicolau
5 Statistical Quality Control June 2000 Barão, M.Isabel
Statistical Extreme Value Theory February 2000
June 2000
Gomes, M. Ivette
Exact Distributional Theory of Order Statistics March/April 2000 Gomes, M. Ivette
Limiting Behaviour of Order Statistics and Multivariate Extremes May 1999 Themido Pereira, Teresa
6 Modelos Lineares Generalizados
Short course - SPE
4 th October 2000 M. Antónia Amaral Turkman
Fundamentos e Metodologias da Estatística - Inferência Estatística November/December 2000 M. Antónia Amaral Turkman
Biometria e Estatística em Experimentação Biológica - Análise de dados epidemiológicos e Clínicos March 2000 Fernanda Oliveira
Biometria e Estatística em Experimentação Biológica - Modelos Epidémicos April 2000 Lucília Carvalho
Análise de Sobrevivência May 2000 Cristina Rocha

5. Seminars organized by C.E.A.U.L.

Title Speaker Institution Date
"P-Values for Composite Null Models" M.J. Bayarri Dept. Matemática - Universidade Valência 07/01/2000
"A Biologia Pesqueira e a Estatística - Casos e Dificuldades de Aplicação" M. Azevedo IPIMAR 19/01/2000
"Estimators of Heavy-Tailed Distributions" Alena Fialová Department of Statistics - Charles University Prague 21/01/2000
"Amostragem de Populações Animais Baseada em Modelos Probabilísticos" Russell Alpizar Departamento Matemática - Universidade Évora 09/02/2000
"Incidência e Prevalência da Sida e CRS em Portugal" João Amaral Departamento Matemática - Instituto Superior Técnico 22/02/2000
"A minha visão sobre o lugar das Probabilidades e Estatística nos Programas de Matemática do Ensino não Superior e na Formação de Professores" Jaime Carvalho e Silva Departamento Matemática - Faculdade Ciências e Tecnologia - Universidade Coimbra 17/05/2000
"Stochastic Orders Based on Co-Monotonicity of random Variables. Applications to Insurance and Rank-dependent Utility" Isaac Meilijson School of Mathematics Sciences - Tel Aviv University - Israel 22/05/2000
"Tests on Structural Breaks in the Presence of Long-Memory Disturbances" Philipp Sibbertsen Department of Statistics - University of Dortmund 21/06/2000
"Extreme Shock Models" Juerg Huesler Institute Mathematical Statistics - University Berne - Switzerland 21/06/2000
"The Royal Statistical Society Centre for Statistical Education" Neville Davies Director Royal Statistical Society Centre for Statistical Education Statistics & OR Nottingham Trent University 24/10/2000
"Estimators for the Maximal Moment Exponent with Censored Data" Nuno Crato Departamento de Matemática - Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão 15/11/2000

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