Report of 2000 Activities
A. Scientific organization of the unit

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The major objectif of the Center for Statistics and Applications (C.E.A.U.L.) is to contribute to the advancement of statistics through different inter-linked activities, among which we mention:

The scientific activities of the Center are organized under six major teams of research, with the following structure at the end of 2000:

Team nº Research activity on: Co-ordinator Nº of Ph.D's
1 Discordancy tests for outliers Fernando Rosado 2
2 Design and Analysis of Experiments M. Fátima Fontes de Sousa
3 Probability Theory and Functional Analysis Dinis Duarte Pestana 6
4 Multivariate Data Analysis Helena Bacelar-Nicolau 2
5 Exploratory Data Analysis, Order Statistics and Extremes Maria Ivette Gomes 6
6 Statistical Modeling in Environmental and Health Sciences M. Antónia Amaral Turkman 7

Leader: Maria Ivette Gomes
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