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Welcome to Center of Statistics and Applications


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The Center of Statistics and Applications, being the greatest and one of the most active groups of research in this area, is well located to contribute to the requested developments of Statistical Sciences. According to the plan of action established for this unit of research for the next 5 years, the main goal is to contribute to the advance and adequate use of Statistics in Portugal through different linked activities.


Past Coordinators of CEAUL


José Tiago da Fonseca Oliveira


Dinis Duarte Ferreira Pestana


José Manuel Pinto Paixão


Kamil Feridun Turkman


Maria Ivette Leal de Carvalho Gomes


Maria Isabel Fraga Alves


Maria Antónia Amaral Turkman


Lisete Maria Ribeiro de Sousa

The CEAUL was established in 1975 by Prof. J. Tiago de Oliveira, and it was the beginning of the research in Probability and Statistics in our country. The great majority of the present M.Sc.'s and Ph.D.'s in these areas are (or have been) members of this Center, or have been supervised by members of the CEAUL. It lodged in its beginning other areas, such as Computer Science and Operations Research. Due to the great development verified in these areas during the decade of 80, the splitting was natural. The area of the Computer Science left CEAUL in 1985. In 1993 the area of Operations Research gave rise to an independent unit.

CEAUL is a Unit I&D, close to Department of Statistics and Operations Research (DEIO) of Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL:Host Institution), which offers physical facilities to CEAUL- infrastructures, installations, budget management and contribution of a technician - to the prosecution of CEAUL's activities in accordance with article 2 of the Regulation of Program of Financing Plurianual of I&D (PFP I&D); financial support is assured in the picture of PFP I&D FCT, being the Foundation of FCUL the Management Institution.

CEAUL is a member of CNM - Adhering Organization and Committee for Mathematics International Mathematical Union (IMU) - Portugal

CEAUL is an asssociated member of  CIM - Centro Internacional de Matemática  / ERCOM - European Research Centres on Mathematics - Portugal


              CEAUL is a member of the Portuguese Network for Mathematics in Industry and Inovation (PT-MATHS-IN)


The Internal Organization of CEAUL's team is systematized in Research Groups (GI’s), sharing similar scientific interests in Applied Probability, Statistical Inference, Probability Modelling and Data Analysis, but with diverse emphasis in methods and applications and accordingly with the Planning Subproject of each senior Principal Investigator. The GI’s are encouraged to interact between them in its activities, whenever that is appealing. The GI’s for 2015-2020 are:

• GI 1: Order Statistics, Extremes, Modelling and Simulation

• GI 2: Statistical Models and Methods for Complex Systems


Thematic Lines:

- Estatística Ambiental - responsible: Prof. Feridun Turkman

- Biostatistics - responsible Prof. Carlos Daniel Paulino

- Risk in Financial Extremes - responsible  Profª Maria Isabel Fraga Alves


 Executive Comission CEAUL:

Vice-coordinator: Profª Manuela Neves (ISA-UL)

Profª Ana Luísa Papoila (FCM - UNL)

Profª Carina Silva (ESTeSL-IPL)

Profª Fernanda Otília (FEP-UP)

Prof. Tiago Marques (Univ. St. Andrews e FCUL)


Privacy Policy

The Center for Statistics and its Applications (CEAUL) ensures that the personal data of its researchers will not be transmitted to third parties nor treated for other purposes other than the dissemination of the activities of the research unit.

If you are not a member of CEAUL and wish to receive information about your activities by e-mail, namely about seminars, conferences, courses, as well as other relevant information, you should register  here.

CEAUL ensures that your personal data will not be transmitted to third parties nor treated for purposes other than those referred to above.





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